KIAS-KMS Travel Grant 

  • In partnership with KIAS, the KMS provides a flight allowance called KIAS-KMS Travel Grant.
    It will help defray the travel costs for eligible mathematicians who plan to participate in the Conference.

  • Last date for application: September 10 (Wed.)

  • Who can apply for a travel grant?
    1. You are not eligible for a travel grant if another organization pays for your travel.
    2. To be eligible, you must participate in the conference for 3 days from October 23 (Thu.) to October 25 (Sat).
    3. Make flight reservations from August 11 (Mon.) to October 17 (Fri.) at official reservation web page.
    4. Priority for speakers contributing to the conference.  

    * Mathematicians who participate in the Conference will be eligible for travel grants and a flight allowance, should they meet all other KIAS-KMS Travel Grant eligibility requirements.

  • Prodeedings
    1. Applications for KIAS-KMS Travel Grant must be received by September 10.
    2. Announce grant recipients in September 19.
    3. Flight reservation and payment must be made at official reservation web page by October 17.
    4. Payment bill must be submitted to the KMS by October 21.
  • For general information: Contact KMS


Would you like to apply for KIAS-KMS Travel Grant?

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