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Dear respected members of the Korean Mathematical Society,

May the year 2017 be one full of blessings for all that you plan to do.

I am thankful for having been congratulated by many and receiving much media attention upon being elected the first woman president of KMS in its 70-year history. Most of all, I am tremendously grateful for my fellow members of the Society for their warm encouragement and support.

This year marks the 71st year since establishment of the Society. KMS published "70 Year History of the Korean Mathematical Society" this past year, thereby ruminating on its past successful journey and drawing up a development plan for the next century.

The achievements our mathematical community has accomplished over the years—promotion in IMU status to level IV, successful hosting of the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians, establishments of Korea Institute for Advanced Study and National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, world ranking of 11 in SCI-level papers, proliferation of world-class domestic mathematicians, and outstanding outcomes at International Mathematics Olympiads, to name a few—have been made possible through a great deal of effort and devotion of our early mathematicians. In light of such promising performance, KMS strives to reinforce its status as a leader in the global mathematical community and be promoted as IMU level V, taking a quantum leap and not settling in its past success.

As the focus of the global industrial structure now centers around innovative advanced technology based on ICT, the role and influence of mathematics is dramatically rising. Governmental entities and the general public have recognized this trend and are promoting various policies to facilitate the expanding applications of mathematics to gain strengthened national and industrial competitiveness. An active role of our mathematical community is heavily anticipated in the process. In a regard that the status of mathematics will be reinforced through raised societal awareness, the trend will indeed provide us an opportunity as a new growth engine. Moreover, the societal role of mathematics is being greatly emphasized for more advanced countries. It is also the reality that, although mathematics is growingly attracting more students and being credited for its unprecedented role in the society, mathematical departments at local universities are being downsized and even eliminated for reasons of structural reforms.

To resolve the present issues of today's society in which opportunities and challenges coexist, I will work to build an environment that respects the value of mathematics by magnifying and strengthening the scope and competence of mathematical studies. To do so, plans for sustainable growth of mathematics as fundamental research studies and policies to vitalize industrial-mathematics network must simultaneously be promoted. Further, I will fully cooperate to solve the problems associated with mathematical communities at local universities by supporting policies that promote the significance of the social role of mathematics. I will also carry forward political schemes to create more jobs for mathematics-specialized workforce and reduce unemployment rate. I encourage you to refer to the KMS website for detailed advancement plans for our mathematical community, which also relates to the Society's 100-year schemes. I will prepare the ground for medium- and long-term projects irrespective of my presidency term. I will make it my top priority to assist Korea in making the next big leap in joining the ranks of leading nations in mathematics by realizing developments that balance supremacy and universality. The planned projects will diligently be promoted driven by combined efforts of my fellow board members. I ask for active participations and warm encouragements from all members of the Society as well.

As KMS continue to expand in terms of scale and influence, expectations for the scientific society is also rising. I am personally looking very much forward for KMS to assist and lead the advancement of our mathematical community and the scientific technology of our time. Thank you.
1 January 2017
Hyang-Sook Lee
24th President of Korean Mathematical Society

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