December 16-20, 2009, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

  General Schedule (Programs : Download  / Quick Link )    

2009 Joint Meeting of the KMS and the AMS will include invited lectures, special sessions, contributed talks, and a public lecture.
We will keep you informed of programs changes and upcoming events.

  16 (Wed) 17 (Thur) 18 (Fri) 19 (Sat) 20 (Sun)
08:30-09:50   Special Session Special Session Special Session Special Session
Opening Remarks
(II) (IV) (V) (VII)
10:00-10:50 Hee Oh *
(Plenary Lecture-1)
Ki-ahm Lee *
(Plenary Lecture-7)
11:00-11:50 Terence Tao *
(Plenary Lecture-2)
Bumsig Kim *
(Plenary Lecture-3)
Panel -2
James Mckernan *
(Plenary Lecture-5)
Minhyong Kim *
(Plenary Lecture-8)
11:50-13:30 Lunch Break  (11:40-12:30)
13:30-14:20 Panel-1 YoungJu Choie *
(Plenary Lecture-4)
Award Ceremony &  E X C U R S I O N S Van Vu *
(Plenary Lecture-6)
General Assembly  
Special Session
Special Session
Special Session
(I) (III) Contributed Talk (VI)  
18:00-18:50 Frank Morgan
(Public Lecture)
Banquet (15:00-18:10)    
* The order of plenary speakers may be subject to change.

  Title Organizer Panelist
Panel 1

(Dec. 16 (Wed)
The Grant Policies and Strategies of NSF and NRF In-Suk Wee
(Korea University)
Peter March(NSF), Seung Jong Lee(NRF) and others
Panel 2

(Dec. 18 (Fri)
Challenges and Difficulties for Mathematicians in Asia Hyungju Park(POSTECH) Presidents of Mathematical Societies
in Asia

Poster Session I Date : 13:00-14:20 pm, December 16 (Wed)
Poster Session II Date : 11:00 am-12:30 pm, December 18 (Fri)

KWMS-AWM Date : 17:00-19:00 pm, December 19 (Sat), 2009
Place : Leesambong Hall, Ewha Women's University
Mentoring and Networking Hours

 Operational Guideline for Special Sessions 

1. It is strongly recommended that a special session is organized in the form of "talk(40 min) + break(10 min) + talk(40 min) + break(10 min) + talk(40 min) + ...".  A 40 minute talk can be given by one speaker or by two speakers (20min + 20min). For example, the morning special sessions (II) (IV) (V) in the schedule table above have 140 minutes in total (except the special session (VII) of 120 minutes on the 20th). A 140 minutes special session may consist of six 20 minutes talks, or one 40 minutes talk and four 20 minutes talks. It can also include two 40 minutes talks and two 20 minutes talks. Total 190 minutes are allowed, respectively, for the afternoon special sessions (I) (III) (VI). Each session may comprise eight 20 minutes talks, or one 40 minutes talk plus six 20 minutes talks, and so on, at the discretion of special session organizers. Such agenda as the selection of session time slot and the number of speakers will also be settled by each session organizer in cooperation with the Program Committee.

2. (Local expenses) Each session with 10 or more speakers will receive one of its U.S. invited speaker's local expense covered by Local Organizing Committee. A session with 20 speakers or more will get its support doubled. 
3. (Travel grant) Besides the support as specified above, there will be travel grants for young mathematicians. This is to help young mathematicians (doctorate recipients within the past 6 years) to defray the airplane cost from North America. The amount of support is up to USD1,000 per person. Each session organizer is being asked to widely promote the program and encourage more young mathematicians to speak at the meeting. The application should include a brief vita of one page including the publication list (if you have any) and the name of the special session if you are invited to give a talk in one of the special sessions. Please submit your application to the KMS at or your session organizer who will forward the application to the KMS. First deadline for application was May 31, 2009, and the second deadline was June 30, 2009. The announcement of grant recipients has been made.

 Notes to Special Session Organizers

1. See the current list of special sessions above scheduled to be held in the KMS-AMS Joint Meeting of which applications are already approved by the Program Committee.

2. If you have not submitted your preliminary session information including the session titles, number of speakers, and AMS co-organizers yet, please be advised to submit it no later than April 30, 2009 to the KMS at and Professor Jongil Park at

3. Referring to the general schedule table above, please find your desired session time slot. Also, please review the attached list, and find the blanks or any updates in your session information. Then, send us your choice of session time slot (among I thru VII), foreign and domestic speakers, and co-organizers to the KMS at and Professor Jongil Park at by June 10, 2009. Please be reminded, though, that further revisions to the attached list may be necessary as your session information keeps being updated. As noticed, some of the session titles are too broad. It is, thus, recommended by the Program Committee to revise your titles to be more specific, if possible.

4. The deadline for abstract submission is extended to October 31(Sat), 2009. We have established an online system on the KMS-AMS website, which enables session speakers to submit their abstracts electronically.

5. The priority for the travel grant will be given to the speakers in special sessions and those without any grants. Thus, please allow special considerations for young mathematicians to encourage their active participations in special sessions as speakers. Please be further reminded that your endeavor to draw more women mathematicians to participate in and contribute to special sessions will be greatly appreciated.

 KMS Program Committee

Committee Chair: Kyewon Koh Park (Ajou University)
Committee Members: Seok-Jin Kang (Seoul National University)
                                Jun-Muk Hwang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
                                Jongil Park (Seoul National University)