Welcome to the 2008 Global KMS International Conference!

2008 Global KMS International Conference to be held from Oct. 23 to 25, 2008 at International Convention Center Jeju (ICC Jeju) in Jeju, Korea. The aim of the 2008 Global KMS International Conference is to bring together researchers working in many different areas of Mathematics to foster exchange of new ideas and to promote international collaborations.

Plenary speakers are Alejandro Adem (Univ. of British Columbia & PIMS), Jinho Baik (Univ. of Michigan), Heisuke Hironaka (1970 Field Medalist, Harvard Univ. & Seoul Nat'l Univ.)

Other notable invitees include Habib Ammari (Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS), Michèle Artigue (Université de Paris VII), Sooyoung Chang (POSTECH), Bernard R. Hodgson (Université Laval), Hoon Hong (North Carolina State Univ. & KIAS), Masaki Kashiwara (Kyoto Univ. & RIMS), In-Sook Kim (SungKyunKwan Univ.), Jin Ho Kwak (POSTECH), Anthony Lau (Univ. of Alberta & CMS), Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST), Tohru Ozawa (Hokkaido Univ.), Soogil Seo (Yonsei Univ.), Hong-Yeop Song (Yonsei Univ.), Roland Speicher (Queens Univ.), Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford Univ.), Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann (Univ. of Alberta), Takao Yamaguchi (Univ. of Tsukuba)

As well as the research presentations by the top-notch Korean researchers, a joint session with Canadian Mathematical Society is planned. The conference is currently expected to attract close to 700 participants.

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