Public Lectures
Sunday, June 30 205 (APEC HALL)
16:00-16:50  Invited Speaker: Kim, Hong-Jong 
  Harmony in Mathematics 
Arts and Mathematics are very old close friends. Ancient Greek Mathematicians explained how harmonious sounds are made. Renaissance artists discovered how to translate the scenes in the space onto a canvas. Through Mathematics, one can learn the most important tools to become a bigger person: Deduction and Intuition. In everyday life, we see, hear, and feel the Harmony.
Monday, July 1  205 (APEC HALL) 
19:00-19:50  Invited Speaker: Christiane Rousseau 
  Mathematics of Planet Earth
Earth is a complex planet inside the solar system, with dynamic movements in the mantle, an atmosphere, and oceans. It supports life and is organized by humans. More recently the future of life is threatened by climate change and overexploitation of resources. Mathematics provides tools to discover the history of the Earth, explore its interior, study its climate, and understand its ecosystems. The lecture will highlight with examples the role of mathematics in discovering, understanding our planet, and the challenges to help protecting it.
Forum "Organizing the Mathematical Union of Asia : Why and How?"
July 2
14:40 –
In Part 1
  Prof. Tadahisa Funaki 
Univ. of Tokyo, President of the Mathematical Society of Japan
"Collaboration of MSJ and Asian Countries, and the Mathematical Union of Asia in the Future"
Prof. Liqun zhang 
Chinese Academy of Science, Secretary of the Chinese Mathematical Society
"Possible works can a Mathematical Union do for the development of Asian mathematics"
Prof. Le Tuan Hoa 
VIASM, President of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
"The Southeast Asian Mathematical Society and its position toward the establishment of the Mathematical Union of Asia"
Prof. Martin Grotschel 
Secretary of the International Mathematical Union
"How could the Mathematical Union of Asia, if realized, contribute to the mathematical community in the world?"
Prof. Martha Sanz-Sole 
Univ. of Barcelona, President of the European Mathematical Society
"THE EUROPEAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY: History, Organization and Activities" 
16:30 –
In Part 2  
• Dong Ho Kim, National Research Foundation of Korea
• JongHae Keum, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
• San Ling, Nanyang Technological Univ., President of the Singapore Mathematical Society
• K.P. Shum, Chinese University of Hong Kong
• Fidel Nemenzo, Univ. of Philippines
• Wanida Hemakul, Chulalonkorn Univ
• Chii-Ruey Hwang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan