Scientific Program

특별세션(Special Sessions)

Each session is composed of a series of talks on a specific topic in any area of the mathematical science. Special Session and Contributed Talk will be respectively timetabled in a concurrent time slot. Talks are invited in any area of the mathematical science, with acceptance at the discretion of the organizers. If your talk falls under the heading of one of the special sessions already listed, please contact one of the session organizers before submitting an abstract, as special sessions have limited time slots.

특별세션(Special Sessions)
Session CodeTitle/TopicOrganizers4/19(금) - 대전컨벤션센터4/20(토) – KAIST 창의학습관
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SS-01 대수적 정수론 및 관련 주제들
Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics
This special session focuses on various topics on algebraic number theory and its applications. We will share recent results in several topics related to algebraic number theory and exchange research ideas among them.
SS-02 해석적 정수론의 몇 가지 문제들에 대하여
Some New and Young Results in Analytic Number Theory
O O    
In this special session, we aim to share recent results in analytic number theory with young researchers and doctoral students. It will be a great opportunity to encounter various results in analytic number theory.
SS-03 가환대수학과 관련 주제들
Commutative Algebra and Related Topics
O  O 
One of the important research areas in Algebra, the ring theory, has been studied by two main areas: commutative rings and noncommutative rings. The ring theory has closed relationship with representation theory, homology, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, and is applied to cryptography or code theory.
SS-04 수리논리학과 그 응용
Mathematical Logic and Its Applications
O  O
This special session brings together researchers in mathematical logic and related fields to share recent research results and trends. Topics range from pure mathematical logic to applications to other areas of mathematics and computer science.
SS-05 다변수 복소함수론과 관련 분야
Several Complex Variables and Related Topics
(기초과학연구원 복소기하학연구단)
Ngoc Cuong Nguyen
  O O
The purpose of this session is to give the recent progress of several complex variables and related topics.
Topics will show the recent interface of several complex variables, operator theory, functional analysis, and complex geometry.
SS-06 타원 및 포물 편미분방정식과 그 응용
Elliptic and Parabolic Equations and Their Applications
O  O
In this session, we discuss recent advances in elliptic and parabolic equations, and their applications.
SS-07 비선형 분산방정식의 이해
Understanding of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations
 O O
This session is organized to introduce the latest results on nonlinear dispersive equations.
SS-08 유체 방정식 연구의 최근 경향
Recent Trend in Fluid Equations

O  O
In this section, we discuss the recent results for the existence, uniqueness, and qualitative properties of solutions to various elliptic and parabolic PDEs with applications.
SS-09 조화해석학 및 관련 주제들
Harmonic Analysis and Related Topics
O   O
Fourier analysis is the study of the way general functions may be represented or approximated by sums of simpler trigonometric functions.
Fourier analysis grew from the study of Fourier series, and is named after Joseph Fourier, who showed that representing a function as a sum of trigonometric functions greatly simplifies the study of heat transfer.
The subject of the Fourier analysis encompasses a vast spectrum of mathematics. In the sciences and engineering, the process of decomposing a function into oscillatory components is often called Fourier analysis, while the operation of rebuilding the function from these pieces is known as Fourier synthesis. In mathematics, the term Fourier analysis often refers to the study of both operations.
SS-10 함수론과 작용소론 및 그 응용
Function Theory, Operator Theory and Applications
The interaction between function theory and operator theory has been active in the analysis community. The aim of this session is to share recent developments on operator theory, function theory and applications and exchange ideas on the subject.
SS-11 기하구조 및 표현공간
Geometric Structures and Representation Spaces
The aim of this special session is to promote research interaction between mathematicians who are interested in geometric structures on manifolds and the space of representations.
SS-12 양자장 및 끈의 수학
The Mathematics of Quantum Fields and Strings
The interaction between mathematics and string theory has been extremely fruitful for both sides in the last few decades. With this session, we want to continue this tradition by bringing together researchers working at the interface of mathematics (including geometry, representation theory and combinatorics), and quantum field theory and string theory.
SS-13 사교기하학의 최신 동향
Recent Developments in Symplectic Geometry
O  O O
Symplectic geometry plays a crucial role in Hamiltonian dynamics but also has far-reaching applications in diverse areas such as topology, algebraic geometry, complex geometry, and mirror symmetry. This session explores recent advances in various topics in symplectic geometry.
SS-14 다양체와 매듭의 위상수학
Topology of Manifolds and Knots
This special session aims to present recent advances in low-dimensional topology, including studies on knots, 3-manifolds, 4-manifolds and related areas.
SS-15 (cancelled) - - - - - -
SS-16 편미분 방정식 및 동역학계를 위한 계산 방법론
Computational Methods for PDEs and Dynamical Systems
    O O
This session focuses on the latest computational and AI techniques for analyzing and solving a wide array of partial differential equations (PDEs) and dynamical systems. It will cover methods that address complex PDEs in various scientific fields, as well as dynamical systems that model changes over time and space in both physical and engineered contexts. The discussion will include innovative algorithms, numerical methods, and AI-driven tools that enhance our ability to tackle these mathematical challenges. We welcome contributions across all areas that show progress in computational approaches to PDEs and dynamical systems, encouraging cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration.
SS-17 과학계산과 기계학습
Scientific Computing and Machine Learning
 O  O O
This special session will explore the intersection of scientific computing and machine learning, two fields that are increasingly intertwined in modern scientific research. The seminar will cover topics such as numerical methods for PDEs, machine learning, and mathematical modeling. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications of these techniques to scientific problems, including those in mathematics, physics, biology, and engineering. The goal of the special session is to provide participants with a solid foundation in both scientific computing and machine learning, as well as an understanding of how they can be used in combination to address complex research questions.
SS-18 인공지능과 수학
Mathematics and AI
    O O
This session covers the recent advances of the interaction between mathematics and artificial intelligence.
SS-19 최적화와 머신러닝
Optimization and Machine Learning
O   O
This special session explores the latest advancements in optimization theory and its integration with machine learning. Topics include convex optimization, non-convex optimization and minimax optimization, as well as large-scale parallel and distributed optimization, highlighting their interaction with machine learning.
SS-20 금융수학
Mathematical Finance
    O O
This session will be centered on the recent advancements in mathematical finance and its related subjects.
SS-21 수리생물학의 최근 동향
Recent Progress in Mathematical Biology
(KAIST/기초과학연구원 의생명수학그룹)
  O  O O
Specialized research in mathematical biology has contributed to highly complex and nonlinear mechanisms through a combination of mathematical, computational, and statistical methodologies. In this session, we discuss the recent progress in mathematical biology.
SS-22 계수적 조합론
Enumerative Combinatorics
    O O
In this special session we focus on enumerative aspects of combinatorial objects and their connections with other branches of mathematics.