About KMS


KMS Board Members of 2017~2018
Position Name Affiliation
President Lee, Hyang-Sook Ewha Womans University
Vice President Kwak, Sijong Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Kim, Seonja Chungwoon University
Park, Young Ho Kangwon National University
Park, Jongil Seoul National University
Song, Yongjin Inha University
Ahn, Seung Ho Chonnam National University
Lee, Sang Youl Pusan National University
Lee, Seok Jong Chungbuk National University
Yie, Ikkwon Inha University
Lim, Yongdo Sungkyunkwan University
SECRETARY GENERAL Kwon, Soonhak Sungkyunkwan University
Lee, Young-Ran Sogang University
TREASURER Kim, Seick Yonsei University
Editing Executive Director Lee, Keonhee Chungnam National University
Lee, yoonjin Ewha Womans University
Jung, Seoung Dal Jeju National University
ORGANIZER Kang, Nam-Gyu Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Kang, Soon-Yi Kangwon National University
Kim, Junseok Korea University
Do, Younghae Kyungpook National University
Oum, Sang-il Institute for Basic Science Discrete Mathematics Group
Lee, Sang Hoon Chungnam National University
Lee, June-Yub Ewha Womans University
Jung, Il Hyo Pusan National University
Jin-Hwan CHO National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Choi, Suyoung Ajou University
Ha, Seung-Yeal Seoul National University
Hong, Sunggeum Chosun University
Hwang, Hyung Ju Pohang University of Science and Technology
Auditor Park, Hye Sook Seowon University
Lee, Sang Cheol Jeonbuk National University