December 16-20, 2009, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
Call for Proposal

Call for Proposals for Special Sessions

 We request for proposals of special sessions. The deadline for submitting proposals is March 31, 2009. Please submit by email to with the subject KMS-AMS proposal. Any proposal for special session should have at least one co-organizer based in the US and one based in Korea. Proposals should include session title and organizers (names, affiliations, email addresses, with one organizer designated as the contact person for all communications about the session,) a paragraph of description about the topic, and a list of potential speakers (these speakers need not have confirmed participation.).  If you have preferred dates for the session, please let us know.

 * Please check the AMS website to get to know how to organize a special session.


Talks and Abstract Submission

  Talks are invited in any area of the mathematical science, with acceptance at the discretion of the organizers. If your talk falls under the heading of one of the special sessions already listed, please contact one of the session organizers before submitting an abstract, as special sessions have limited time slots.

 Talks not in special sessions will be time tabled into general contribution sessions. The talks in special sessions should be of 20 minutes duration unless the special session organizers designate otherwise. The deadline for abstract submission is October 31st, 2009. The Abstract should be written in English and the length of the body text should not exceed 200 Words(about 1000 letters, one page).